Evangeline's Poem

I wrote this for our princess at 17 weeks, the day after we went in for an ultrasound and saw her for the first time. This was the day we found out she was a girl. It was also the day we found out that she had SB. I wanted so badly to take her struggles away, but realized I couldn't. Every little child has struggles...so I wrote this to her to tell her how to over come them.

In this world you will have joy, but you'll have sadness too.
The greatest joy I ever had was the moment I saw you.
And if I could keep that single moment, do you know what I would do?
I'd put it in a bottle and give it back when you feel blue

I'd pour little drops upon your head to chase away your fear
I'd dab little bits upon your mouth, till you smile from ear to ear
I'd rub that joy upon your eyes until they laugh at me
That precious bottle would be a fortress- no sorrow would you see

But alas, I own no such bottle, nor possess the craft to build one up
All I can offer, dearest one, is a heart that's full of love
And you ARE loved Evangeline, but love won't spare your heart
Being human comes with sadness and sometimes things seem dark
But in the midst of every sadness, love is a prevailing light
Love will lead you daughter, back to joy, from sorrow's deepest night

Mommy cannot protect you from all that's bad out there
but I can love you fiercely and give a truth that I will share:
God is Big Evangeline, Bigger than emotions and tears
Those who trust in Him find a cure for all their fears
Let God be your endless fountain. He never will run dry.
Trust him and you will see my love, He's faithful as time goes by.


  1. That is so beautiful!! God bless you and little Evangeline Grace! P.S. Love the name! :)

  2. Teared up reading this! She will love it!

  3. I came across your blog today and have been going through reading all your posts and I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful writer you are. Your daughter is beautiful and I pray she is doing well.