A Spina Bifida Fairy Tale

I am currently working on a  fairy tale with kings and queens, dragons and magic, peasants and farmers and....spina bifida!  It will show children that if they learn  to manage their SB its the same as if they bested a dragon.  I hope to have it done in a few months time.


UPDATE:  This project has experienced what is known in project management as "scope creep".  Its gotten a LOT bigger.  After drafting a cute little version written at about a 5th grade level, I received some feed back that I either needed to write for a younger audience or an older one as the older middle grades were too small a niche for what I was trying to do.  SO, I have decided instead to do a YA novel.  One of the main characters will be a boy with spina bifida. Rather than tell my audience about SB, I will show them through his life and adventures. Of course, SB isn't all this book is about, and I find outlining all the characters and their histories to be a rather lengthy task. My simple little fairy tale has morphed into something that will probably take years to complete... Oh well... time is gonna pass regardless, may as well pass it writing....


  1. You have my support and prayers in this endeavor. You amaze me and I love your heart and spirit!

  2. Good luck in ur quest, u have a gift of the written word & I know u will be successful!!! I just started reading this & I cannot believe how brave u both were, u both have been in my prayers since I found out & now u will never leave them & of course little Evangeline entered them as well...she is such a precious gift from God & He made her whole so that from the very beginning of her life she will have a testimony...she is so adorable, some of the faces she makes, it reminds me soooo much of BJ when he was little...I love it when her eyes widen & it looks like she is totally shocked or she just tasted a lemon. BJ looked like that after he ate a bite out of each & every one of my erasers in my eraser collection when I was 8 & he was 2(I was born Apr 8, 1974 so I am 6 yrs & 8 dys oldr than my 'little' cousin), he of course will not remember this, but I did, I had like 100 little erasers in every shape imaginable & he took a bite out of them all...I think it was because some of them smelled fruity & were even in the shape of fruit..kids they do the strangest things. so many wonderous things u have 2 look forward 2. I look forward 2 catching up on ur blog. Stephanie has been telling me to read this & I have been meaning 2 & now I will. Thank u for being brave enough 2 share ur journey with us. Now that I have 'typed' ur 'eyes' off, hugs & prayers, ur cousin in law in Colorado, Deby Heinz